You can download the iso’s here:

So far it seems very iOS like. Well, you have seen it on tv, it looks like a windows phone. If you don’t like that you hit your windows key on your keyboard and it dumps you back to a windows desktop.

It has an app store much like Apple and Android. It also adds to my hate of Bing as a search engine. Everything uses a ton of clicking to get things done. Windows 8 is much like Windows 7 but with a fancy new front end. We will have to see how this plays out.

Something to note, you have to have a windows live account in order to start using windows 8.

One thing I have found that is different is that windows networking doesn’t require everyone to be on/in the same workgroup. I set up my home network as workgroup MSHOME but the windows 8 installed as WORKGROUP but it can find all my windows 7 computers and my Mac. Yes, yes I know MSHOME is an old hold over from XP, but I never changed it.

Somethings don’t seem to work correctly, the weather app doesn’t display my local weather, nor is it in metric. It is a preview version, so I hope that might change.

I will play around with it and give an update in a couple of days. I have it installed in a VM.