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Testing HTPC

Instead of waiting for the DVD drive to show up, which according to Purolator, it left Vancouver on the 19th of May and still isn’t here yet. I gave up on that and am installing Ubuntu 11.04 from USB to the PC. I started with a live boot, then just decieded to install it anyways….

Big day in geeking (:

So, we are currently installing debian 5.0.2  on a VirtualBox. Very exciting. One of the fastest installs of Linux ever. Other than that, new vids are posted, I’m 28 now… yep.. 18 Nov was the big day… Happy with the gifts I received. Working on two layouts for one website. Two new domains this week…

Installing ubuntu

So, I am replacing that XP test from earlier today and weekend with ubuntu. I have been having a fight with Debian and the wireless on a Dell Latitude D610. So, we will see how this turns out. Basiclly I have been too lazy to install a VM on my main PC to test out…