I am replacing that XP test from earlier today and weekend with ubuntu. I have been having a fight with Debian and the wireless on a Dell Latitude D610. So, we will see how this turns out. Basiclly I have been too lazy to install a VM on my main PC to test out all the distro’s. I started way back in the day with Redhat 5.2.

So, a little about the install so far, the built in resizing partitions was sweet. 🙂

huh… it wanted to import accounts from the XP install. I can see why the masses are flocking to Linux when it is this easy. What happened to the good old days when only true geeks rolled the Penguin hmm?

It’s installing. Well “Copying files…” lol… also, the Ctrl+I works in WP… I am just learning so much tonight.

Again, I have to pitch, if you like what you read, please donate or in a few days, I will have stuff for sale too. But for that to happen, I need a snazzy logo.

Well, more stuff I have to find time to work on.