I am avoiding doing homework to update my blog. Not the best move, as I know my professor doesn’t read this.

That said, I had to post an update. As you may or may not know, I am a bit of an Apple Fan Boy. Mind you I have used mac’s before mac’s were cool, I still have three Mac Plus’s sitting in my office. They don’t work, but I still have them (Not sure how I ended up with three). I have an iPhone4, and MacBookPro and a iPad (1G).

I have been debating for almost a year whether to get an Apple TV or not. With them only being 100 bucks, it’s not a bad deal for what it can do. Now that said, I have a full on HTPC sitting in my living room beside my HD TV. The question is, why, when I have a computer (Win7x64) that is networked, and run’s all my media, that it can’t do AirPlay. Well a short google search later, and a bit of testing, it does do AirPlay. and it does it very well too.

Here is the link to the download:

It is called AirMediaPlayer. It totals 350KB. You need to have bonjour, and quicktime installed to make it work.

So, a quick download of some free apple software and this little tool, and boom, AirPlay like a boss. lol

To note, it comes zipped, so you have to unzip it someplace. After you start it, give it firewall permissions and then wait a few seconds. Then go to your idevice and in the top right corner, once you start viewing “media” hit airplay and sit back and enjoy your big screen.

They also have a mac verison that I have not tested:

It looks like it works the same way. I will have to test this and let you all know.

Well, that’s about it for today, fighting a cold and doing homework. Plus a ton of snow this weekend. The joys.