Hey everyone,


I know, I know, I won’t apologize this time. It’s been a bit of time eh?

So, what’s new, MAC OS 10.7 came out. I am waiting to buy it. I’m not sure of the whole no DVD thing. Apple and Macworld say it’s great, but I will wait for 10.7.1 to drop then I will spend the 30 bucks. Plus when you have 3 plus computers that it needs to be installed on, that’s an issue too. So I have to download 4 something gigs four times. Yuck!

what else has happened:

Xbmc is running very nicely on my HTPC. Just moving all my videos to the computer now. That is taking some time. But it all works, now I have still order a blu-ray drive for it; and work on the whole saving live tv thing too.

That’s about it.