So I am still waiting on the DVD drive 🙁 Purolator can’t even find it right now. I think their site might be down for maintenance or something. I am yet to even fire up the htpc yet. I might do that tomorrow just to make sure it posts then fill in my rebate forms… about 60 bucks back for 300 dollars worth of stuff. Not bad at all. So tonight we are going to use the Mac Book Pro to watch a movie.

Saw the new iPhone 4 white model today. Not a fan… I saw a girl with it so, I just don’t like the look of it. Much like the iPhone 3 white was gross too. It’s just not my style.

The truck’s tail gate is going to be ready Tuesday or Wednesday, can’t wait for that.

The GF did arrive so we have been hanging out and went to the mall today. It is always fun to go shopping… lol

Well time to watch the movie.