Truck tailgate got buffed out yesterday by my buddy. Looks very good. We might get away with it and a touch up pen. More to follow on that.

Installing Mac OS X 10.6 on the Mac Mini again. I need to find something to do with it. It just gets new OS installed on it every few months and then sits on the desk not doing much. Maybe OS 10.7 eh? I do have a copy of that. You can get it from the apple dev site if you pay 100 bucks a year for access.

All the parts except the dvd are in the HTPC computer. We will install windows 7 on it today or tomorrow. We will see.. SVU season final is on tonight, so that might take away from that project.I might just wait to get the DVD drive instead of taking it out of the office pc.

The gf is sick 🙁 so she may not be coming to Montreal this weekend. We will see. Hope you are feeling better.

I need two more video cards. lol… one for the HTPC to capture cable in, and a new one for the desktop as it’s only a 1/2 gig card running dual 22″ monitors at 1600 x 900. But with the new psu that I installed when the last one died, I now can get one that requires power 🙂

I think that is about everything for today. I hope to keep up the posting daily or at least three times a week 🙂