Good morning

A post more than once a year. It’s slowing getting back. In the last week I have been trying to build out some back end processes.

First off, Google AdSense has been a bit of a pain in the last week. Moving between Canada the USA a few times, you open/ create accounts in which ever country you’re in at the time. Well, turns out you can’t easily switch AdSense countries. I had to close my old account and open a new account in Canada. Normally they would expect you to use a new email address, but I found a trick on YouTube, by linking your YouTube to a new AdSense account, you can continue to use the same email address. 😀

Next, as you will see in this post, I joined an affiliate network. I was even approved by LEGO to show their ads/ links. So, that’s exciting. Give it a click, and every little bit helps increase my available time by tossing me a few cents here and there. That almighty dollar motivation.

Finally, I joined the Amazon affiliate network. If you look to your right, you should see Amazon selling stuff. Again, they toss me a few cents per click.

Both processes were pretty straight forward. Give them your site address, your email, and how to be paid, and boom, in about 24 hours everything was working.

Now that all the business stuff is out of the way. The big news. I ordered a Canon EOS M50 with a few lens. It’s being shipped. I wish they had it available in store, as I really want to be playing with it and starting LEGO build videos on YouTube.

I was also picked up by Microsoft, so excited about that.

I think that’s where I’m going to sign off for the day, but please click the links so we can see how everything works.