So, I’ve been trying to use the whole launchpad in Mac OS 10.7 and it’s kind of a pain. I like the iOS feel to it, but it has a ton of Adobe junk that I never use. I was reading something on Macworld about how to fix that issue, so I will have to look into that in more detail and see if I can clean it up. Or, I’ll just make one big folder with all of the stuff I don’t use, called junk.

Now for the super cool news. I really like Boxer, which is a dos emulator for Mac OS X. I have VirtualBox installed, but setting up Dos is a pain in the butt on it. So, I found this guide which was very helpful, including Sound Blaster Support. Who knew, I couldn’t get these drivers working on a real computer years ago, and here they are working no problem on my mac.

Windows 3.11 on Mac OS X 10.7I blacked out the serial number of my mac and my name. Just in case you sell this to someone. So, yes, it works. I am very pleased. So, now I have Windows 3.11 running, Turbo C, Turbo Pascal, SimCity 2000, and Commander Keen 4 all running on my Mac.

This is the update. So, far I am liking both iOS 5 and 10.7. I really don’t use all the features of 10.7, but I am trying to explore and see what’s out there.

The HTPC is running pretty good. XBMC keeps crashing, so I need to figure that out. The video driver keeps crapping out on me. I think I will see if the manufacture’s website has a better 64 bit driver for Windows 7.


I think that’s it for the project updates right now. I want to get back into vlogging, but I’ve been really busy. I also need to get the Netra back on the web crunching work units for Seti@home, which all my computers are processing.

Oh, one thing I do want to do, is build a custom RSS reader app (iPad/iPhone), not so much for my own blog, but it will be included, but for my favorite web comics. Well, one, that really doesn’t have the time to make their own app. So, this Christmas holiday, I will be reading my Cocoa books and playing around with that. I think I need a bluetooth keyboard for my many macs too. X-mas present anyone?