So, the issue with the laptop is that the DC power adaptor plug got broken off in the DC port on the laptop. So as a favour, I’m fixing it. My first plan was to remove the dc port and just remove the broken plug. Sadly that didn’t work. So, a quick google search found the plug replacement part that I had to solder. Yah, no… not my plan. Next a search of eBay turned up the part for 2.99 USD from Hong Kong plus 25 USD for shipping. It is the power board, dc port and connector to the MB. So, it’s in the mail I hope. I found a great take apart guide. Which made taking it apart so much easier. I took some extra photo’s to make sure I get the screws back in the correct spots. Using the egg crate to keep the screws in. We will see if I can get it back together next week when the parts show up.

Thanks to Ray William Johnson for this one:

Don’t even ask. But I needed to post it so you know what to do next time you are in a walmart. lol.

Other than that, not much else going on. It’s time for bed. Could not get xbmc installed last night. grrr!